I have known and worked personally and professionally with Gord for the past fifteen years. From a professional standpoint, Gord brings a unique approach to dealing with customers and clients by providing advice and solutions that are tailored to the client's needs and have only their best interests in mind. He goes out of his way to ensure client questions and concerns are answered in an understandable and timely manner and this helps put the client at ease when dealing with an often difficult discussion, being insurance. His insurance solutions are amongst the most creative in the marketplace. I would not hesitate to recommend Gord and his team to any potential client.
- Lee S. Bass, CA
Experienced, knowledgeable, committed to proactive service and simply good to work with, Alejandro is a rare find. He provided the insights, framework, and experience I needed to establish a savings and insurance program that I was confident in, understood completely, and could rely on. The results continue to speak for themselves as my portfolio grows along side my career.
- Aaron Brady
Alejandro is the best thing that ever happened to my bank account. Not only has he made me great returns, he also takes the time to explain things I don't understand about my portfolio or insurance policies with great patience. I sleep well at night knowing my finances are in good, proactive hands.
- Jennifer Hicks