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Financial Strategy Analyst

Bronwyn is Quasar's Financial Strategy Analyst. In addition to having a BCompt in Accounting Science (Cum Laude), she holds a post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is certified as a Financial Planner (South Africa). She has recently completed her Canadian CFP.

Her career started in accounting, then switched to financial planning as she discovered the satisfaction of helping clients with their finances and achieving their goals. She enjoys producing technically-sound and well-presented work that ends in a positive result. Bronwyn is a problem-solver at heart, so the financial industry is a perfect fit for her as she explores solutions for clients. Her determined personality is a plus amongst her team who trust her to complete key initiatives.

In her spare time, Bronwyn puts her energy towards competitive sports, namely Crossfit and Field Hockey. She loves the challenge of the various movements and skills required, and the community aspect of both. She also enjoys trying out new sports and has recently taken a liking to snowboarding and snow-shoeing in the winter with her fiancé and her “real” boss at home – her Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Aurora.

Bronwyn Smit