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Unique financial structures that bring new tax efficiencies to business owners and their families

Most people see life insurance and critical illness insurance as a cost without any benefit, but through our strategies, we're able to create both immediate and future benefits for individuals.

With life insurance plans, we want to make sure that the death benefit is structured the right way so that it's tax-efficient and maximizes the benefit to your family.

With investments, we employ strategies that include funding RSPs and TFSAs, which represent one of the most effective ways to maximize returns and reduce personal tax burdens, as well as strategies that include individual mutual funds, segregated funds, and others. We also support a variety of structures that can bring new tax efficiencies as you progress.

Because everyone's situation is different and very specific, we'll work with you and your professional advisors to take time to understand your position to maximize your options.

Please connect with us to explore options for you.

Mutual funds and/or approved exempt market products are offered through Investia Financial Services Inc. (“Investia”).  Mutual funds and exempt market products are sold exclusively by Representatives who are licensed by provincial regulators and registered with Investia.

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and other expenses may be associated with mutual fund/exempt market product investments. Please read the Fund Fact or prospectus carefully before investing. Mutual fund and exempt market product investments are not guaranteed, their values change frequently, and their past performance may not be repeated.

Insurance products are provided through multiple insurance carriers.
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