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Protecting business owners and their families from negative financial impact

For many businesses, losing an owner, partner or key employee to illness, disability, or worse, can be disastrous. Even minor disabilities can severely impact business operations and finances for some time. Risk management planning is a critical step that can protect businesses from short-term or long-term impact.

The key is to consider both your company's needs and your personal needs to protect your family and the most significant asset you have: your business. Because business and individual needs can be so interdependent, we'll help you manage the risks to your company as well as your wealth and family estate plan.

To create a sound risk management plan, we draw from a wide range of strategies and products. If unexpected circumstances strike, these options can support you and your company financially, giving you valuable time and the means to sustain operations.

As we get started, we'll work closely with your professional advisors — your accountant and your lawyer — to determine a valuation for your business and to execute the necessary buy-sell agreements. Then we'll create a plan that protects you and your family, as well as your company and staff, for when you need it most.

Please contact us to talk about a risk management plan for your business.

Quasar's insurance solutions are amongst the most creative in the marketplace. I would not hesitate to recommend Gord and his team to any potential clients- Lee S. Bass, MNP LLP
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